Fourth AECAIR International Conference on Global Governance of Artificial Intelligence

Conference Program

Date and time

17. Dezember 2021

09:00 - 12:00

via Zoom

This event was held in English.

The fourth AECAIR (Asia-Europe Consortium for AI Research) International Conference on Global Governance of Artificial Intelligence took place both in Shanghai and online on December 17th, 2021.

AECAIR is a platform, initiated by partners in Asia and Europe, including KAS (Konrad Adenauer Foundation) Shanghai Office, Intellisia Institute in Guangzhou, and various experts, scholars, and practitioners from universities, think tanks, and practice. Due to the joint efforts and successes in recent years, KAS and the Intellisia Institute were listed as one of the “Best Artificial Intelligence (AI) Think Tanks” in the University of Pennsylvania’s “2020 Global Go to Think Tank Index Report”.

Through this platform, AECAIR aims to offer a thinking space for social science research – across the Eurasian continent and beyond – to gather researchers, experts, and practitioners in the expanding field of AI aiming to channel their analysis regularly to policymakers. It aims at fostering and stimulating interdisciplinary collaborations as well as public conversations about the potentials and limits of AI.

The fourth AECAIR conference discussed Sino-German AI cooperation prospects, AI landscapes in China and the EU, as well as the Realities and fictions of AI competition between China and the EU. Participants include among others Dingding Chen, President of Intellisia Institute, Jennifer Lin from City University of Hong Kong, Lilei Song from Tongji University, Nikolaj Moesgaard, Founder & Partner of Impact Intelligence, Shanghai, Benjamin Chiao, the Dean for Asia at the Paris School of Technology and Business, and Maximilian Mayer from the University of Bonn.


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