Leading the way to net zero emissions? - The development of UK's hydrogen sector

29. April 2021, 16:00 Uhr | Zoom

This webinar will introduce the first joint study - titled Leading the way to net zero emissions? The development of the UK’s hydrogen sector - conducted by the European Cluster for Climate, Energy and Resource Security (EUCERS) - Center for Advanced Security, Strategic and Integration Studies (CASSIS), University of Bonn, and the Centre for Global Security and Governance, University of Aberdeen.

Specifically, it will explore the UK’s, and particularly Scotland’s, approach in terms of supporting the deployment of hydrogen in its ambition to reach a net-zero emission target by 2050. Despite lacking an official strategy at the time of publication of this report, the UK is forging ahead with a number of complex projects and is already considered one of the world’s top ten countries to actively seek the development of a hydrogen sector. To better understand the dynamics behind this drive and to determine whether the UK model can serve as a blueprint for European hydrogen projects, the author of this paper, Dr. Aura Sabadus, will identify and elaborate on factors that have contributed to this remarkable development as well as the challenges facing the sector. In addition, we are happy to have Dr. Alfonso Martinez-Felipe, who will shed more light on the subject from the UK perspective.

It is our hope that the research gathered on the UK experience, and the policy recommendations based on this information, will provide you with new insights and prove to be useful for European stakeholders in their own efforts to ramp up a hydrogen economy.



Begrüßung & Einführung:
Prof. Dr. Friedbert Pflüger
EUCERS, CASSIS, Universität Bonn

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Schlie
Henry-Kissinger-Professor für Sicherheits- und Strategieforschung, CASSIS, Universität Bonn

Ann-Kristin Müller
Senior Communications Officer, Zukunft Gas

Dr. Alfonso Martinez-Felipe
Centre for Energy Transition, University of Aberdeen

Dr. Aura Sabadus
Autorin der Studie

Weitere Informationen

In Kooperation mit dem Centre for Global Security and Governance der University of Aberdeen.

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