Sustainability, Stability and Security in Africa: Key Findings in the Sahel

January 27, 2022 | Zoom

Have you ever wondered why despite heavy capital injections in intervention models such as the Sustainability, Stability and Security Initiative in Africa "3S" and Africa-Europe relations, among others, have not paid climate security dividends in the Sahel region? Research findings have revealed three crucial militating factors. Results indicate that sustainability, stability, and security hinge on the nature of the domestic political economy of the Sahel region. The political economy is characterised by two fundamental institutions: extractive political institutions and extractive economic institutions. These two institutions have combined to sire state fragility. Findings show that the extractive political institutions are scared of creative destruction, replacing the old with the new. The Africa-EU dialogue is a threat to the political economy of African leaders. Evidence also shows that extractive economic institutions are structured to extract resources from many by few elites and that power and wealth are concentrated in the hands of most African leaders. Most scholars have overlooked the intricate interplay of extractive political institutions and extractive economic institutions in producing state fragility/failure. How possible are the 3S interventions when the situation is out of control? Further evidence shows policy failure in the intervention strategies, namely the 3S response model and the Africa-EU dialogue. Results have proven that migration and climate security will not stop unless these institutions are transformed. Therefore, the puzzle is: how can the 3S or Africa-EU negotiations transform these extractive institutions without reducing the benefits of the political elites?


Lecture and following Discussion:

Dr. Maria Ayuk

Bonn SDG Fellow, CASSIS; University of Bonn



Ingo Nordmann

Research and Programme Coordinator, sef: Development and Peace Foundation

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