European Cluster for Climate, Energy and Resource Security

Geopolitics used to primarily be driven by security and economic concerns. However, the links between climate change, energy, natural resources and geopolitics are strengthening and becoming more complex, thus making it increasingly clear that the climate-energy-resource-nexus too is rapidly becoming a shaper of geopolitics. Key issues of our time such as pipeline politics, energy nationalism, conflicts over water, and competition over natural resources and territories due to melting ice are creating new security challenges and opportunities for state and non-state actors alike. This additional layer of complexity that is being added to an already complex system is also raising important questions: How are current developments playing out? Where will the next threats/opportunities emerge? Who will be impacted? What measures can be undertaken?

The European Cluster for Climate, Energy and Resource Security (EUCERS) is an interdisciplinary research format at CASSIS that has recognized the need to address these questions and develop possible responses in an emerging area that is quickly transforming into a central challenge. It adopts a holistic approach and employs a range of methods, both academic and practice-oriented, to produce policy-relevant research, organize discussion forums, and carry out research-led teaching. The aim is to enhance our understanding of this relatively new security dimension, make incisive contributions to scholarly debate, and generate strategic measures that can be undertaken to address the geopolitical impact climate change, energy, and natural resources can have on states, economies and societies across the world.


Avatar Umbach

Dr. Frank Umbach


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Prof. Dr. Wolfram Hilz

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Prof. Dr. Volker Kronenberg

UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26)

For understanding the gap between the climate target to decrease the global warming to not more than 1.5°C and the global energy megatrends in the light of the forthcoming COP26 climate summit in Glasgow, see also the last analyses and publications by Dr. Frank Umbach (Head of Research, EUCERS) on the energy and climate policies of the most important global emitters (USA, China, EU, Russia, India and ASEAN).

Strategy Papers

EUCERS publishes strategy papers on the geopolitics of energy and other resources. Previous issues include topics such as the strategic perspectives on unconventional gas (based on a roundtable organized together with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office), the future of coal, the Arab Spring and its impact on supply and production in global energy markets.


The European Cluster for Climate, Energy and Resource Security (EUCERS) was established in the Department of War Studies at King’s College London in October 2010 and is focused on promoting an understanding of how our use of energy and resources affects international relations. Since its creation, EUCERS has been committed to producing policy-relevant research through its Strategy Paper publication series, making incisive contributions to scholarly debate by organising a regular series of quarterly roundtables, and providing outstanding research-led opportunities for professionals and students from around the world in the form of training seminars and academic scholarships.

Since 2021 EUCERS is a part of the Center for Advanced Security, Strategic and Integration Studies (CASSIS) at the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-University of Bonn.

Teaching and Events  

EUCERS organizes a series of seminars tackling the diverse issues of climate, energy and resource security at the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-University of Bonn, providing students and an interested audience with the opportunity to get a geopolitical perspective on conditions, risks and correlations in this complex and highly relevant field.

See all past and current lectures and events here.

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