31. August 2021

Europe’s New Green Deal’s Energy Aspects Europe’s New Green Deal’s Energy Aspects

Dr. Frank Umbach, Dr. Joachim Pfeiffer

Article by Dr. Frank Umbach (et. al.) on the EU’s and India’s energy and climate policies: Europe’s New Green Deal’s Energy Aspects: Cooperation, Synergies and Opportunities for India.

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The global energy sector has remarkably shifted during the last decade and has strengthened worldwide efforts for decarbonizing it for achieving the 1.5°C target in context of the Paris Agree­ment to mitigate global warming and avoiding disastrous impacts across the globe. A growing number of countries has adopted net-zero pledges. Equally, an increasing number of companies and equity funds have also begun to reflect a growing sense of attention for accelerating a reduction of their carbon footprint and promoting a clean energy transition. 

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