Strategic Risk- and Precautionary Report for Germany in Europe

In a time of global instability, the shifting international power structure, the relapse into great power politics, the strengthening of China, the erosion of transatlantic relations, complex military and technological challenges, climate change, the threat to maritime transport routes, and the shaking of the world trade order are pushing more than ever for comprehensive strategic foresight. In Germany in particular, the orientation of political action to strategic guidelines and the understanding of the importance of an overall strategic approach have so far been rather less pronounced.

Against this background, the project "Strategic Risk and Precautionary Report for Germany in Europe" aims to combine geostrategic and geo-economic perspectives in a comprehensive, whole-of-government risk picture and to regularly record and assess global and regional risks to Germany's prosperity, innovation and security. This report, which is to be submitted annually, is intended to help address risk assessment and cross-cutting security issues in the understanding of a holistic, networked approach, helping to identify existing deficits and potentials and to develop operational solutions to overcome or exploit them. The project focuses on permanently anchoring preventive and risk-oriented preparedness in the national security architecture.


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