Dr. Frank Umbach im TV-Interview für ZDF-Nano zum Schutz kritischer Unterseeinfrastrukturen

Täglich entweichen Millionen Kubikmeter Methangas aus den beschädigten Nordstream Pipelines. Warum gehen Experten von Sabotage aus und welche Folgen erwarten das komplexe europäische Gasleitungssystem?

Dr. Frank Umbach im Interview mit Leonie Carter und Antonia Zimmermann für den Politico am 18. October 2022

“The overall situation in terms of China has become even worse over time and around 80 percent of all critical raw materials [are] coming from China,” said Frank Umbach.

Dr. Frank Umbach: Russia’s strategy to evade Western energy sanctions im Geopolitical Intelligence Services

The more Russia decouples from the globalized system, the more it will try to evade Western sanctions by relying on illicit, unconventional and opaque trading schemes. Already during previous decades, Moscow falsified and cherry-picked economic, energy and climate-related data – often unchallenged by Western governments. Now these figures will become even less transparent, more dubious or will be classified as state secrets. Still, it is also becoming evident that sanctions alone will not stop President Putin’s aggression.

Dr. Frank Umbach: Risks and requirements for German gas and energy policy im Geopolitical Intelligence Services

Despite numerous efforts to diversify gas imports and reduce gas consumption, Germany could still experience a shortage this winter, at least locally or regionally (despite the fact that it has already filled its gas storage sites to more than 85 percent, four weeks ahead of an October 1 target). In countering Russia’s strategy of gas weaponization, Germany could be less reactive and instead unilaterally declare a “price ultimatum” to the Kremlin. It could use and bundle Europe’s purchasing power against Moscow to reduce Russian gas and oil prices and significantly decrease the Kremlin’s revenues from European gas and oil exports. Though this would temporarily lead to a short gas shortage over the winter, it would also help industry, private households and the German government plan more securely, allowing for more effective gas saving.

Prof. Dr. Andreas Heinemann-Grüder im Gespräch mit Phoenix am 24.10.22 zum Wiederaufbau in der Ukraine

Prof. Dr. Andreas Heinemann-Grüder im Gespräch mit Phoenix am 24.10.22 zum Wiederaufbau in der Ukraine, zum ''neuen Marshallplan'' und zum 5. deutsch-ukrainischen Wirtschaftsforum.

Dr. Frank Umbach zur Energieversorgung und Sicherheit kritischer Infrastruktur im Phoenix-Interview am 20.10.22

Dr. Frank Umbach spricht im TV-Interview mit Moderator Stephan Kulle über die Eskalation der russischen Kriegführung mit der Zerstörung der kritischen Energieinfrastrukturen der Ukraine, dem Schutz kritischer Infrastrukturen in Deutschland und des möglichen Teilverkaufs des Hamburger Hafens an Chinas Staatskonzern COSCO.

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