Art and Sovereignty in Global Politics

A book co-edited by Maximilian Mayer examines the role of art and sovereignty in global politics. Published in 2017, it is now available for free use.

Chinas Interesse an Afghanistans Rohstoffreichtum

Dr. Frank Umbach discusses China's interest in Afghanistan's wealth of raw materials and the implications for EU security of supply with regard to critical raw materials.

China's Engagement in Africa: Activities, Effects and Trends

Prof. Dr. Maximilian Mayer writes on China's technological influence in Africa as part of a Center for Global Studies publication.

How Turkey and Russia Are Reshaping the Black Sea Region

Dr. Shushanik Minsayan writes about the Russian-Turkish tandem in the Black Sea Region.

Europe has hardly recognised the consequences of its digital dependence yet

Maximilian Mayer and Yen-Chi Lu develop a Digital Dependency Index (DDI) that provides a precise description of the state of digital dependencies in a global comparison. With the help of the DDI, the complex subject of strategic digital policy can also be better mapped: Worldwide, 23 economically leading countries were identified as having different degrees of digital dependency in terms of trade in digital goods and services, in the area of information and communication infrastructures, and with regard to intellectual property rights for digital technologies.

"Putin's Nuclear Threats. Deployment option or psychological warfare?"

Dr. Frank Umbach discusses Putin's nuclear threats in his technical article in European Security and Technology.

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