Chinas Interesse an Afghanistans Rohstoffreichtum

Dr. Frank Umbach discusses China's interest in Afghanistan's wealth of raw materials and the implications for EU security of supply with regard to critical raw materials.

China's Engagement in Africa: Activities, Effects and Trends

Prof. Dr. Maximilian Mayer writes on China's technological influence in Africa as part of a Center for Global Studies publication.

“Der Glasgower Klimagipfel 2021 – Die Energie- und Klimapolitik der Hauptemittenten EU, USA, China und Russland“

Dr Frank Umbach discusses the Glasgow 2021 Climate Summit in his publication in Political Studies.

Russia’s Cyber Fog in the Ukraine War

The all-out Russian war effort to conquer Ukraine will lead to a rise in cyberattacks on both Ukrainian and Western critical infrastructure.

Digital currencies, monetary sovereignty, and U.S.–China power competition

Prof. Dr. Maximilan Mayer and Dr. Ying Huang discuss digital currencies, monetary sovereignty, and U.S.–China power competition in their new research article. 

“Russland und das EU-Ölembargo“

Dr Frank Umbach writes in European Security and Technology (ES&T) about the EU oil embargo and its impact on Russia.

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