What if Russia Cuts Off Gas to Europe? Three Scenarios

Dr. Frank Umbach talks about three possible disruption scenarios of the European energy supply from Russia (in English).

„Der Ukraine-Konflikt und die deutsche Russlandpolitik”

EUCERS Research Director Frank Umbach with an article on "Der Ukraine-Konflikt und die deutsche Russlandpolitik" ("The Ukraine Conflict and Germany's Russia Policy"), in: European Security & Technology (ES&T), February 2022, pp. 18-21.

Die Europäische Union und die NATO

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Schlie on the comprehensive challenges of the Covid19 pandemic both for individual states and for the international community and its multilateral institutions.

How to achieve the EU’s strategic autonomy in security and defense while upholding the transatlantic alliance?

A publication by Dr. Iulian Romanyshyn, Research Fellow of CASSIS and the Charlemagne Prize Academy, on ways to achieve European strategic autonomy while maintaining the transatlantic partnership.

Counter-Terrorism, Ethics and Technology

The new and freely available book, edited by Dr. Scott Robbins et. al, discusses the relevance of new technologies to terrorism and how to combat it, while also taking a look at ethical issues (in English).

Cyber Achilles? On the Importance of Undersea-Cables in the 21st Century

Winning essay of the Young Transatlantic Initiative Essay Competition 2021 by Vladimir Stosic.

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