Germany from Peace to Power?

Publication by Senior Professor at CASSIS, James D. Bindenagel, released in September 2020 as part of the series "Contemporary Issues in International Security and Strategic Studies".

Deutsche Sicherheitspolitik seit 1990: Auf der Suche nach einer Strategie

Publication by Henry Kissinger Professor Dr. Ulrich Schlie in SIRIUS, the Journal for Strategic Analysis, on German security policy in recent decades.

Theoretische Grundlagen für eine umfassende nationale Rahmenstrategie für Molekulare Covid-19 Testverfahren

In this working paper, Sandra Ciesek et al. describe possible testing strategies that would enable PCR-based testing capacity and testing practice to be greatly expanded throughout Germany.

Kreativität, Verantwortung, Transformation: Grundlegende Voraussetzungen für die Lockerung des COVID-19-Lockdown

In this paper, Bude, Heinz et al. advocate a number of measures to keep the SARS-CoV-2 replication number below 1 and to set the stage for successful pandemic response.

Learning from Wuhan — there is no Alternative to the Containment of COVID-19

An academic text by Maximilian Mayer, among others, on ways to combat the pandemic. 

International Security Forum Bonn 2019 Report

The International Security Forum Bonn is a high-level international event to ensure a dialogue on contemporary topics of foreign and security politics. Find the 2019 report here.

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