Helmut Kohl, Giulio Andreotti und der Prozess der Wiedervereinigung Deutschlands 1989/90

Prof. Ulrich Schlie on the process of reunification in the light of the friendship between Helmut Kohl and Giulio Andreotti.

‘We Never Plan for the Worst Case’: Considering the Case of Germany

"Events related to the Arab uprisings, ISIS’s rise to power and Russia’s aggression against parts of Ukraine in 2014 posed complex, though distinct challenges for the Federal Republic of Germany. How well were German leaders and officials informed about nascent as well as short-term developments beforehand and once these crises erupted? The widely shared appearance of sharp discontinuity in the way related historical processes unfolded raises questions about the degree to which decision makers and officials in government were taken by surprise."

Festschrift in honor of the 65th birthday of Professor Xuewu Gu.: Macht und Machtverschiebung

This Festschrift in honor of Professor Xuewu Gu's 65th birthday brings together contributions on two closely intertwined key phenomena in international relations: Power and Power Shifts.
With contributions from numerous CASSIS members such as Prof. James D. Bindenagel, Dr. Enrico Fels, Dr. Hans-Dieter Heumann, Prof. Dr. Wolfram Hilz, Prof. Dr. Maximilian Mayer and Prof. Dr. Ulrich Schlie. 

Die nationalsozialistische Machtergreifung nach der Machtübertragung

The seizure of power by the National Socialists in January 1933 is a key event in world history. Hitler's rapid consolidation of power and the elimination of democracy virtually overnight still astonish and shock to this day. And to this day, historians disagree about the reasons for the end of the Weimar Republic and the rapid success of the National Socialists.

This book casts an international perspective on the epochal year 1933 90 years later and explores the questions: How could it happen? How can something similar happen again? And can we learn anything from it in times when democracies are under pressure and dictatorships are on the rise?

Infrastructuring Cyberspace: Exploring China’s Imaginary and Practices of Selective Connectivity

Nicolas Huppenbauer, Dr. Ying Huang and Prof. Maximilian Mayer explore the tension between digital fragmentations and connectivity in Chinese cyberspace and introduce a new term "selective connectivity".

Cyberspace Fragmentation from the Perspective of Technology Trends

Associate Fellow Ying Huang explores the issues of cyberspace fragmentation and global cyberspace governance in her article for the Journal of International Studies (国际政治研究). So far it is only available in Chinese.

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