Maritime Kritische Infrastrukturen und ihre Gefährdung

11 June 2024 | 06:15-07:45, p.m | Lecture Hall VII, Main Building, University of Bonn

Since the destruction of the Nord Stream pipelines at the latest, the topic of maritime critical infrastructure has moved more into the media spotlight. A secure energy supply suddenly no longer seems to be a matter of course and the fragility of international maritime and goods traffic is already evident from a single ship stuck in the Suez Canal.

This presentation will shed light on the various aspects of maritime critical infrastructure and provide an overview of the challenges and risks. In addition to analyzing traditional infrastructure elements such as ports and sea routes, the role of underwater infrastructure and infrastructure in the context of the energy transition, particularly in the area of offshore wind power, will also be addressed.

This reveals a broad spectrum of potential dangers, which quickly shows that the protection of maritime critical infrastructure cannot be considered exclusively on a national level. Rather, it requires increased international cooperation as well as better collaboration between private and state actors.



Henrik Schilling, Research Associate, Maritime Strategy and Security, Institute for Security Policy at Kiel University (ISPK)

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