Getting the Nexus between Climate Change and Security Right

08. März 2022, 18:00 bis 19:30 Uhr, Zoom

Bonn SDG-Lecture 

Although there is consensus on the view that climate change is a “security threat multiplier”, very little has been documented about the responses of the Sahel communities to the impact of climate change-induced insecurities and how these responses have amplified and accelerated state fragility and despondence. As an example, this lecture will provide evidence on how women have abandoned agriculture to join extremist groups, how pastoralists have deserted cattle rearing to become jihadists, and how soldiers are increasingly rising against the state through coup d’états and coup proofing mechanisms. The drying of Lake Chad has resulted in Jihadist Groups taking over control of the region to secure scarce resources triggering widespread violence forcing thousands of people to move to other parts of the region or internationally.
The enduring questions are:
Why have decade long interventions such as the Great Green Wall (GGW), the Transaqua Project, the Initiative on Sustainability, Stability and Security in Africa (“3S” Initiative), Africa climate Mobility Initiative (ACMI) and the Europe-Africa Dialogue have failed to address both climate change and security?
What needs to be done differently for improved climate adaptation and security going forward?
A panel of experts on the Sahel region will explore the climate-security dynamics and discuss these intriguing questions.

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Dr. Stephen Adaawen

Assistant Professor, University of Groningen

Dr. Maria Ayuk

Bonn SDG Fellow and Postdoctoral Researcher at CASSIS, University of Bonn

Dr. Kudakwashe Chirambwi

Senior Lecturer and founder of the Peace, Leadership and Conflict Transformation Programme at the National University of Science and Technology, Zimbabwe

Dr. Oliver K. Kirui

Research Fellow, International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)

Mr. Oyewole Oginni

Doctoral Researcher, Centre for Development Research (ZEF) Bonn


Dr. Alisher Mirzabaev

Senior Researcher, Center for Development Research (ZEF) Bonn

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